What is it that I’m looking for?

I’ve always had a facination with the supernatural. The difference in humanity and science fiction, always had my wondering about the “what if” in situations that could be avoided or fixed with a simple change in pace. Normally it wouldn’t be simple if involving powers and abilities that we humans are unable to obtain, but who are we not to dream? My eyes were open to it being a slight possibility when introduced to a manga series called Bungo Stray Dogs a few years back. The genius of incorporating real life authors and implementing most with special abilities that normal humans cannot obtain is mind blowing. Asagiri took  his time out to create these animated well thought out characters, creating a story within his setting and making something completely unrelated to the real authors’ lives while still keeping their personalities and ideals intact. I take this as inspiration for my own stories I want to create, while still using BSD as a source of material for my fan-fictions for it. I even started out creating my own original character based on the premise of BSD, using Maya Angelou as the muse in creating diversity within BSD on my own terms. She is a well thought out character I created and would love to share with everyone once she’s perfect in my eyes; with constructive criticism and feedback well accepted. This was rather long for my first post than I wanted it to be but, it’s all good. Hope to see everyone watch my growth. 


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