First Steps 

Before I ever start writing, I love to do warmups to help get my creativity flowing. What I like to do for warmups is create characters; either completely my own with nothing from other literature as a base, or I would take a piece of writing, book, manga, whatever and create a character in a “what if” situation based around the premise and storyline of that specific writing. I may or may have not said this before, but I created a character for the world of Bungou Stray Dogs based off Maya Angelou as a poet and short story writer. But really only the bare minimum like biological features, haha. 

However, yesterday I took the time out to really develop her as a character in this world. I based it solely on “what if” situations when creating her; what if she was taken from her home and brought to Yokohama to join the mafia? What if she was married to one of the main antagonist? What if she was a spy for the Americans? There was a whole lot I thought about that could possibly make any sense when coming up with a backstory for her and how she would progress as a character and how she would fit in the storyline if she actually became a character. 
As I would love to go into detail about her, I’ll save that for the next post that’ll be all dedicated to my version of what and who Maya Angelou would play in the BSD world. 


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