Hi hi! I’m Cherry and with this blog, I want to share my ideas and stories on the genre of the supernatural. I do go beyond just the supernatural, but this blog will be dedicated to that in a sense, my development as a writer of my own original stories and fan-fiction. I am an aspiring storyboard writer. I want to be able to express myself through my work; spread diversity within the norm, and maybe even give a little lecture with my stories and characters on culture of the African American community.

I start with my fan-fictions; breaking the gap between what is produced with little to no research, which leads to misrepresentation as well as no representation at all, with what I will provide from the perspective of my culture. This blog will be the embodiment of my perspective of equality, race, culture, representation and the breaking of norms. Let my words be your guide that paints the picture as you read along.